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Climbing around Imst


Obstacles are there to be overcome – and that is exactly what climbing is all about. Tirol offers a huge range of vertical challenges for all ages and abilities, from family-friendly climbing areas to tricky boulder problems.

There is no sport that lets you „feel“ the mountain like rock climbing. In Tirol, the region in Austria with the most mountains over 3,000 meters, visitors will find more than 5,000 alpine climbing routes and 3,000 sport climbing routes in stunning natural settings. Rock climbing has experienced a boom in recent years, leading to the creation of new routes catering for all ages, abilities and tastes. While during the winter months there is excellent ice climbing on the region’s frozen waterfalls, the summer months invite families with children to explore some of the many easy climbing routes throughout Tirol. Boulderers will find plenty of tricky problems outdoors and also in the region’s indoor climbing centers.

Here are some examples close to the apartment: