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Culinary Delights – Tiroler Marend

TThe Marend, as the traditional cold platter in Tirol called, is an indispensable part of the Tyrolean culinary culture.

This is a typical Tyrolean Marend: First, there is the real Tyrolean smoked bacon! As a main component of every Marend it is of course of particular importance. It should not be too lean and not too fat. Well seasoned, mildly smoked and ripened for up to six months on the clear Tyrolean mountain air. With a sharp knife on a wooden board it is cut in slices, strips – so-called Stifterl – or cut into cubes according to taste.
Necessarily included is the crusty, fresh brown bread, spicy Tyrolean mountain cheese and a Bergwurz, a Tyrolean Kaminwurzerl or even a real Landjäger.
As a worthy conclusion of a hearty Tyrolean Marend also a shot original Tyrolean Obstler schnapps – at least for the adults – should not be missed.
By the way: in Tirol the Marend is only enjoyed alone in exceptional cases. It would be much better to invite guests to a social get-together. At home with the family as well while mountaineering, hiking or on the mountain Alm.